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We Buy Antique Fishing Lures, Boxes, Catalogs Etc

 Old and Antique Fishing Lure collectors Welcome. This site is being brought forth to help share the knowledge and information about collecting antique lures, vintage fishing tackle, rods, reels, ice decoys and other pieces of angling history and memorabilia. I personally believe that our great hobby of collecting antique lures is filled with as much history as any other hobby or collectable out there. Whether it be stamps, artwork, pottery, or political memorabilia you certainly will from time to time run into a fishing, angling or lure based theme item in your hobby. Certainly if not but for any other reason, the sport of angling and need for fishing spans the decades of time, history, and has no cultural, ethnic or religious gaps.

Our site, about the antique fishing lure, not only focuses on the antique lure itself, rod and or reel or boxes they may have come in. We give you insight into the manufacturers and people involved in creating the history and the timeframe surrounding. If you are already a lure or vintage tackle collector you can use this site as a reference to help expound upon and increase your fishing knowledge. If your collecting involves major old fishing lure makers such as  Heddon, Creek Chub, Chapman, Shakespeare, Pflueger or less known lure makers such as Loftie, Pardee, or Haskell or Mann you should be able to find something to enjoy on our site. Click here to see Fishing Lures from and 1865 Shipwreck.

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You can browse old and antique lure catalogs, such as the Creek Chub Lures or Shakespeare, and Heddon Lure Catalog, or Distributors such as Pritzlaff or Rueben Woods. These pages will show fishing lure ads for the fishing items of your interest and helping you date your old lure or reel. You will also be able to see some of the trade names these companies sold under. You can view the fishing lures by their respective manufacturers using model numbers and color codes to help you learn to identify these in the future. We try to focus not on just the monetary value of these great antiques, but the rich and diverse history and how much enjoyment this hobby can bring. You also don't have to have any preconceived intentions, you can just surf though the pages and enjoy the fine fishing artisanship and craftsmanship involved.

 Antique Lure Website Specifics

There aren't any other sites out there where you can take a visual tour of the Shakespeare Factory, & the Heddon Lure Factory to see just what it looked like when they were producing  the myriad of lures, rods and reels. You will see antique fishing lures on this page that are less than a handful know to exist of that example. You could go to hundreds of shows before you get to view some of these pieces. You will be able to research information on pre 1900's fishing lure makers that is not in print anywhere else, which has taken years to compile. We show you in depth color collections such as a portion of a Heddon Frog Scale Collection, the John Fairfield Ice Decoy Collection and show you single model lure lines such as the Heddon Series #20, the Heddon Zig Wag, the Heddon Lucky 13, the Heddon River Runt, or the Heddon 150 Minnow. Newest additions of The Heddon Top Sonic Spook and the Indy Flag Checkered Lures.

 Final Thoughts about Antique Lures and Vintage Fishing Tackle

The reasons you collect antique fishing tackle are yours and yours alone, but the love of the hobby is for all to share in.

We hope you'll find this site informative, educational, and enjoyable. Bringing forth information, pictures, stories, and references of such influential antique lure manufactures as Heddon, Keeling, Creek Chub, Shakespeare, Pflueger, Chapman, John H Mann, South Bend, Haskell, Moonlight, McHarg, Jamison, and many others in the Miscellaneous Antique Lure makers section.

If you have old fishing lures, reels or antique fishing tackle related items, such as catalogs, boxes, old photo's or something you think might fit in our collections for sale, you can contact us by phone or by filling out this form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Should you have questions concerning Identification or appraisal please contact us as well.

It is very helpful if you have photos, as with any collectable and especially ours the price is based on condition, desirability, rarity, and I need to stress again, condition.

We Buy Antique Fishing Lures, Boxes, Catalogs Etc

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