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W D Chapman Antique Fishing Lures

Born in Theresa Ny, 1820 old fishing lure maker W. D. Chapman son of Dudley Chapman (Employee of Snell & Makepeace foundry) and Sophronia Peck (1793-1836). Dudley was one of the "founding residents" of Theresa Ny of Jefferson County. Dudley came to Theresa on or about 1818 from Deerfield Mass.. He settled in near the A. R. Bodman farm. Where he and his wife Sophronia had 4-5 children, by all published accounts, and one not making it through childbirth (Mary & Abner). William the eldest of the three ( Martha, 1822 - ?? , and Simeon, who was a farmer 1826-1908) was said to  have " received a good common school education, and at the age of 17 was dependent upon his own exertions for support". *1

    In 1844 antique fishing lure maker  William Chapman married Mary Ryan, and was bestowed 6 children. Like most families in the 19th century the Chapman's had their air share of sorrows as not all the children lived to be adults. Children; Mary Jane; George; Ada ; Ellen; Byron 1850-1985 (Who would later be a partner in Chapman and Son;  and Lottie (Who's husband would also be inducted to the company; Perinne).

    The Early Chapman antique fishing lure days remain elusive as far as noted history, although a few excerpts can be found in Arlan Carters' Book 19th Century Fishing Lures.    

    He had a natural aptitude for mechanical pursuits and has been successful as a jeweler and manufacturer of fishing tackle. *1  He learned to be a carpenter and joiner, but afterwards his natural ingenuity led him into watch repairing; then into the jewelry trade, and finally to become an extensive manufacturer of fishing tackle, in which he was engaged for over 30 years. He is still active and well able to repair watches and clocks. Mr. Chapman has been a much respected citizen of Theresa for many years. *2

WD Chapman Postcard

    Like most early antique fishing lure manufacturers, Chapman had his hand in a lot of endeavors. From the making of jewelry, to printing presses (and patents for such), to the owning of second Steamboats in Theresa on the Indian river. "The The second steamer on Indian River was a small side-wheeler purchased by W. D. Chapman upon the Erie Canal, about 1860. It was brought by land transportation to Theresa, was run her for a short time, and finally sold and taken to Alexandria Bay. After this came the Lady of the Lake and Sir John Keach, both built by Chapman". *3

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