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Old Fishing Lures Made by Miscellaneous Makers

With thousands of old antique fishing lure makers out there, it could take years to do specific pages for them on. In this section of the Old fishing Lure, we will focus on and pay homage to the lesser known makers.

By definition the word miscellaneous means having various traits, and consisting of diverse things or members. Without some of the forethought and diversity of these antique fishing lure makers, I don't know if the top 4-5 Antique Fishing lure makers would be who and or what they are today in the fishing lure collectables and fishing tackle world.

  These will not be in any specific order other than I will try to follow the line that was created in the Misc. Lure galleries, and will only discuss lures that are shown in those galleries.

For a more visual representation without all the details of these antique fishing lures please visit the Misc Lure Gallery from the below button.

 Old Fishing Lure ABC Minnow made by George Bolton  

ABC Minnow

Made by George Bolton, Detroit Michigan. Circa 1923, Patent # 1,477,864 shown below. This minnow features interchangeable back pieces in 5 different colors. Lure was available in a glass eyed model and a no eyed model. The ABC minnow also had a few fish decoy brother and sisters.

Patent Diagram for ABC Minnow # 1,477,864    Patent Specs Page 1 for Bolton ABC Minnow Lure # 1,477,864     Patent Specs Page 2 for Bolton ABC Minnow Lure # 1,477,864    Brown's Wiggle Tail Lure


   Old Fishing lure Alger Minnow made by Franklin G. Alger 

Franklin A Alger Minnow

  Made by Franklin A Alger, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Circa 1910. Franklin Alger's baits come in a variety of models, sizes and colors. Franklin Alger was a influential force in the Old Fishing Lure world, similarities between his works can be viewed in other larger manufactured lures, such as Heddon, and Rush Tango. The most common of the Alger's and the two the were the most commercial available were the Getsem, and the Tantalizers.


   Old Fishing Lure Bings Weedless Nemahbin Minnow made by A.f. Bingenheimer 

Bing's Nemahbin Weedless Minnow

  Made by A.F. Bingenheimer, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Metalized Finish, Circa 1905. Lure is available in both painted and metalized finish. Nemahbin, is a lake not to far from Milwaukee, which is know to be a weedy lake. Those, giving use some link to the famous Bing's Weedless hooks that were offered by other old fishing lure makers such as South Bend. 


       Brown's Wiggle Tail Lure 

D.W. Browns Wiggle Tail Lure

Made by D.W. Brown, Akron, Ohio. Circa 1904, Patent # 777,491shown below. As the lure propeller Spins it causes the tail to flap. This little gem is a wooden bait but has a tail made of celluloid . This classic old fishing lure also features a hanging belly weight.

Patent Diagram for D. W. Brown Wiggle Tail Lure # 777,491  Patent Specs for D. W. Brown Wiggle Tail Lure # 777,491


     Case Rotary Marvel  Lure 

Case Rotary Marvel Lure

Made by Case bait Company, Detroit, Michigan. Circa 1910. This antique fishing lure features a Nickel Plated Rotating Head, with Neverfail hardware. The Case Rotary marvel is often found in Red, White, and yellow bodies. A few companies have and did make similar baits. The Neverfail hardware was patented on April 24, 1911 and can be seen in the Pflueger Patent Gallery.