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Just like when you find an old fishing tackle box and open it up, the collectors and preservers of old fishing lures on this page contain years of fishing tales, friendship. We respect, cherish and are caretakers for these old fishing classics of the yesterdays past. Each tackle box acting like its own time capsule, highlighting the fine craftsmanship by which each vintage old antique  fishing lure was made . Each old fishing lure with they're own story to tell of the big one that got away, or what they've seen throughout their travels.

Never growing old, just gaining wisdom, we would like for you to enjoy, learn, and find useful the information contained on this old fishing lure site. This site will be a comprehensive and dynamic site always evolving and growing on the outside, while retaining its purpose on the inside; the love and respect of old fishing lures tackle.

With a collective antique and old fishing lure knowledge spanning over two decades, the love of the art of angling spanning over a half a century, were dedicated to sharing our enjoyment of this truly timeless and classic hobby, through visual, and reference sources. Allowing the joys of this hobby to be shared with collectors antique fishing lures and vintage tackle both future and present, the general public, and most of all YOU!!

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