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I hazard to guess at how lonely collecting antique and old fishing lures would be without the companionship of other fellow antique lure collectors. Clubs can help make any hobby grow and make possible to have a common ground to build a foundation from. A club through publications can share valuable resources and assets such as lure information, old fishing lure history and more. Bringing together those with a common interest such as antique fishing tackle has an uncanny knack at also giving you the possibility to make a life long friendship which is more rewarding and valuable than any of these coveted pieces of old fishing tackle we collect.








Antique Lure and Tackle Guides

Knowledge is power in any facet of life. Collecting old antique fishing lures would not be where it is today without the devotion and dedication of some of these authors. Quite a few of whom were part of the founding fathers of the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club. I cannot impress enough how important it is to invest in information for yourself and the benefit of others.




Online Antique Lure  and Reel Forums

Enough cant be said about what this page has done for myself and for countless other old fishing lure collectors. Without the years and countless hours spent on this BBS I don't think I'd have made the countless friends, or learned half the amount of knowledge about antique fishing lures, old lures, reels and vintage tackle. Thanks Joe Yates for all your help in the beginnings and thanks for the inspiration and help you've given me over the years on my various web sites.


If your a Reel Lover (No Pun Intended) You would be amiss by not stopping by to Check out the ORCA Reel Board. If you could only fit what all these guys know into books.






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With  hundreds of old fishing lure websites as well as other antique and collectables out there here are a few we recommend.