1903 William Shakespeare Fishing Lure Catalog






1903  John Pritzlaff Fishing Lure Catalog





1931 Creek Chub Fishing Lure Catalog

Old and Antique Fishing Lure Catalogs

Old Fishing Lure, Tackle and Sporting Goods Catalogs give us great insight and knowledge about the heritage and history of the old fishing lures. For both research and pleasure, old fishing lure catalogs can give us a brief look into the way lures, reels, rods and such were advertised. Helping to put a time stamp on antique fishing lures, reels, line spools, tackle boxes can be a valuable asset when trying to put a or provenance on  such angling pieces.

One of the things I've carried with me over the years was a statement by a fellow antique and old fishing lure collector and very knowledgeable researcher, was that lure companies were not in the business to make things easy on us collectors today, they were in the business to sell lures and fishing tackle. Enough cant be said about that statement when trying to justify how or why things were in the antique fishing lure world.

Antique Fishing Lure Catalogs

Below you'll find a list of old fishing lure, reel, and sporting good catalogs to choose from. Some are specific manufacturers  such as Heddon, Shakespeare, Moonlight, Creek Chub, and others are more in general listed under Trade House Company Catalogs.  The Trade House catalogs will be general in nature and focus on a multiple lines and makers of old and antique fishing tackle, such as Rueben Woods and Son, John Pritzlaff, Hibbard Spencer and Bartlett to name a few.

Heddon Antique Fishing Lure Catalogs

Creek Chub Lure Catalog

Moonlight Antique Lure Catalogs

Shakespeare Antique Fishing Lure Catalog

1927 Shakespeare Fishing Lure and Reel Catalog

Jamison Antique Lure Catalog

1916 Jamison Antique Fishing Lure Catalog

Trade House Company Catalogs