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Creek Chub  Lure Model Numbers

Below is a list of Creek Chub Antique Lure series numbers, and or models. This will help you identify what may have gone inside an an old or antique empty Creek Chub lure box you may have. This will also  help you better describe your old fishing lure by knowing its corresponding series number. Understand though, that this is only part of the information needed to correctly identify your old, antique  Creek Chub fishing lure. you will also need to reference the Creek Chub fishing lure color chart to find the correct code number for your color which you would then add to the end of the series number.


Series Description Series Description
100 Wiggler 5700 Husky Dinger
200 Baby Wiggler 5800 Husky Plunker
200 Wee Dee (Plastic) 5900 Midget Plunker
300 Crab Wiggler 6000 Midget Beetle
400 Crab Wiggler (Baby) 6000 Giant Pikie
500 Spoon Tail 6100 Midget Dinger
500 Top N Pop 6200 Plunking Dinger
600 Husky Musky 6300 Pop N Dunk
600 Mitie Mouse 6380 Mouse
700 Pike Minnow 6400 Tiny Tim
800 Deluxe Wag Tail Shiner 6500 Baby Bomber
800 Giant Jointed Pikie 6577 Mouse
900 Baby Pikie Minnow 6580 Mouse
1000 Creek Bug Wiggler 6600 Dive Bomber
1000 Cohokie 6700 Big Bomber
1000 Nikie 6800 Jointed Striper Pikie
1100 Bug Wiggler 6900 Striper Pikie
1100 Snarkie 7000 Seven Thousand
1100 Mini-Cohokie 7000 Pocket Rocket
1200 Fly Rod Pikie (Trout) 7100 Snook Plunker
1200 Snark 7200 Surfster
1300 Fly Rod Pikie (Bass) 7300 Husky Surfster
1300 Snark-Eel 7400 Salt Surfster
1400 Big Creek Bug Wiggler 7500 Surf Popper
1500 Injured Minnow 7600 Surf Darter
1600 Baby Injured Minnow 8000 Midget Darter
1700 Poly Wiggle 8800 Viper
1700 Silversides 9000 Spinning Darter
1800 Underwater Spinner Minnow 9000-UL-P Ultra Light Darter
1800 Wiggle Diver 9100 Spoon Tail
1900 Creek and River Fishing Lure 9200 Spinning Plunker
1900 Striper Strike 9200-UL-P Ultra Light Plunker
2000 Darter 9300 Spinning Pikie
2100 Fintail Shiner 9400-UL-P Ultra Light Jointed Pikie
2100 Striper Strike 9500 Spinning Injured Minnow
2200 Midget Pikie Minnow 9500-UL-P Ultra Light Injured Minnow
2300 Husky Pikie Minnow 9600 Spin Deepster
2400 Wiggle Fish 9700 Nikie
2500 Baby Wiggle Fish 9900 Crazy Fish
2600  Jointed Pikie Fly Rod Lures
2700 Baby Jointed Pikie F1-11 Flexible Floating Feather Minnow
2800 Weed Bug F10-13 Feather Casting Minnow
2800 Triple Jointed Pikie F20-31 Bass Fly
2900 Gar F40-42 Hopper Fly
3000 Jointed Husky Pikie F50-51 Fly Rod Crawdad
3100 Castrola F80-81 Fly Rod Froggie
3200 Plunker F90 Fly Rod Cripple Minnow
3300 Sarasota F100-102 Fly Rod Pop It
3400 Snook Pikie F200-213 Fly Rod Mouse
3500 Husky Injured Minnow F300-307 Hum-Bird
3600 Lucky Mouse F400-405 Bug-A-Boo
3700 River Rustler F500-505 Bug-A-Moth
3800 Beetle F600-605 Bug-A-Bass
3900 Sucker F700-705 Bug-A-Boo (Trout Size)
4000 Tarpon Pikie F800-805 Bug-A-Boo (Pan Fish)
4100 Jigger F900-905 Bull Pup
4200 Jointed Midget Pikie F1000-1005 Plunker Bass Bug
4300 River Scamp F1100-1105 Plunker Trout and Pan fish Bug
4400 Flip Flap F1200-1205 Floating Fly Rod Minnow
4500 Wiggle Wizard F1300-1319 Fly Rod Dingbat
4600 Skipper S1-3 Wicked Wiggler
4700 Fethi-Min S10 Wigl-Y-Ring
4800 Wee-Dee S20-25 Sinful Sal
4900 Jointed Darter S30-39 Champ
5000 Close Pin S40-49 Musky Champ
5000 Spinning Wiggle Diver S50-57 Saltwater Champ
5100 Dingbat S11 Wiggle Jig
5200 Midget Dingbat G11 Streeker
5300 Husky Dingbat LS1-40 Saltwater Streeker
5300 Dingbat Plastic
5400 Surface Dingbat
5500 Jointed Snook Pikie
5600 Dinger

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