Creek Chub Antique Lure Gallery #2

In this continuation of the Creek Chub Antique lure galleries we are able to view some of Creek Chubs most classic and time resilient lures. Born at the hands of the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett Indiana this gallery has an array of baits from the smallest or Fly Rod Lures, to a few of the husky or Pike and Musky sized to one of our favorites; a Hard to find Six Pack dating to the early to mid 1920s.

While all of the antique Creek Chub lures listed below were offered in a myriad of colors shapes and sizes, the Creek Chub fishing lures that are shown below represent some of the different antique fishing lure models offered.  

 I will try to notate extra information for each of the old fishing lures shown, and or the color name, or series number shown as a visual reference.

Creek Chub Fly Rod Crawdad
Creek Chub Fly Rod Crawdad
Model F50, Natural Crab Finish, Circa 1924-50.

Creek Chub Super Six Pack
Creek Chub Super Six Assortment of Lures  
An assortment of 6 Underwater and Surface Baits together in one box. This piece was acquired from Alaska, and contains Wigglers, Darters, Crawdads, and Pikies. Circa 1922-1925

Creek Chub Pop It
Creek Chub Fly Rod Pop It
Model F100, Circa 1927-1954. Lure is shown in the correct box.

Creek Chub Injured Minnow Lures
Creek Chub Injured Minnows
Model 1500 & 1600, Pearl Finish on the larger 1500, and Yellow Spotted finish on the smaller 1600.

Creek Chub Lucky Mouse Lure
Creek Chub Lucky Mouse
Model 3602, Solid White with Red Eye Finish, Circa 1929-1947.

Creek Chub Freather Minnow Lure
Creek Chub Feather Casting Minnow
Model F15, Solid Red, Special Order Color Finish, Circa 1924-1926.
Creek Chub Husky Plunker
Creek Chub Husky Plunker

Model 5800, Mullet Scale Finish, Circa 1939-195.

Creek Chub Darter
Creek Chub Darter

Model 2000, Red and White with Flitter with no eyes.

Creek Chub Baby Wiggler
      Creek Chub Baby Wiggler

     Model 202, Red and White Finish, No Eyes, Circa Late 19 teens.

Creek Chub Antique Lure the Wiggle Fish
Creek Chub Wiggle Fish
Model 2400, Yellow Bumble Bee Finish, Circa 1960's

Creek Chub Antique Lure the Beetle
Creek Chub Beetle
Model 3850, Yellow Finish, Circa 1931-1954, Shown with Correct Box. A collector favorite.

Antique Creek Chub Lure the Wee Dee
Creek Chub Wee Dee
Model 4800, Bug Finish, Circa 1936-1946, Shown with Correct Box.

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