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Creek Chub Lure Color Series Numbers

Being able to identify what you have is as an integral part of this hobby. Finding out what you have first, then find out what color the antique Creek Chub lure is in are the steps that lead to placing a time stamp on your lure. The Creek Chub bait company made quite an array of colors over the years. They also made quite an extensive list of special order colors as well. Listed below you will find a quick guide not a tell all of Creek Chub antique fishing lure colors. Using this Creek Chub color chart in conjunction with the model number color chart will help you further identify you antique lure made by the Creek Chub bait company of Garrett Indiana.

Creek Chub Antique Lure Color Chart

Code Description Code Description
00 Natural Chub 22 Fluorescent Green
00 Natural Crab 23 Fluorescent Yellow
00 Pikie Scale 24 Redwing Blackbird
00 Bug Finish 24 Shrimp
01 Perch Scale 25 White Scale
02 Red Head White 25BE White with Black Eyes
03 Silver Shiner 26 Red and White with Wings
04 Red Side 27 Spotted
0 Dace 28 Gray
05 Gold Fish 29 Victory
06 Mullet 30 Red and Orange Spot
07 Rainbow 31 Rainbow Fire
09 Greenback 32 Fire Plug
09 Shad 33 Black Scale
10 White with Blue Head 34 Blue Flash
10 Amber Flash 35 Purple Eel
10 Gray 36 Sucker
11 White with Black Head 37 Yellow Flash
11 Purple 38 Pearl
12  Red 39 Tiger Stripe
12 White 40 Chrome
12RE White with Red Eye Shadow 41 Red and Yellow
13 Black 41 Amber
14 Yellow Spotted 42 Black and Yellow
15 Tan Crab 42 Psyche Pikie
16 River Peeler 43 Strawberry
16 Banana 44 Whitefish
17 Luminous 50 Yellow Beetle
17 Coachdog 51 Green Beetle
18 Silver Flash 52 White and Red Beetle
19 Frog 53 Orange Beetle
20 Green gar 54 Gold Beetle
20 Mackerel 55 Black Beetle
21 Nite Glow SS Silver Shad
21 Fluorescent Red GP Glow Pearl
22 Nite Glow with Red Head T Tiger

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