Miscellaneous Old Fishing Lure Gallery

In this old fishing lure gallery you will see examples made by a wide array of old fishing lure makers.

With thousands of old antique fishing lure makers out there, it could take years to do specific pages for them on. In this section of the Old fishing Lure, we will focus on and pay homage to the lesser known makers visually. For a more detailed description or history of the Antique Fishing Lure, please see the Misc. header Page.

I will try to notate extra information for each of the old fishing lures shown, such as the dates the lures were made, the companies who made the now antique lures.

ABC Minnow Lure made by George Bolton
ABC Minnow  
Made by George Bolton, Detroit Michigan. Circa 1923.

Alger Minnow Lure made by Franklin G. Alger
Alger's Minnow   
Made by Franklin A Alger, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Circa 1910.

Bings Weedless Nemahbin Lure made by A.f. Bingenheimer
Bings Weedless Nemahbin Minnow
Made by A.F. Bingenheimer, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Metalized Finish, Circa 1905.

Brown's Wiggle Tail Lure
Brown's Wiggle Tail
Made by D.W. Brown, Akron, Ohio. Circa 1904.

Case Rotary Marvel  Lure
Case Rotary Marvel  
Made by Case bait Company, Detroit, Michigan. Circa 1910. 

Charmer Minnow Lure
Charmer Minnow
Made by The Charmer Minnow Co., Springfield Missouri.
C. J. Frost Chippewa Skipper Lure
Chippewa Skipper 
Made by C. J. Frost, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Circa 1915.

F. C. woods The Expert Minnow
The Expert Wood Minnow
Made by F. C. Woods and Company, Alliance, Ohio. Circa 1903.

F. C. woods The Expert Minnow
The Expert Wood Minnow
Made by F. C. Woods and Company, Alliance, Ohio. Circa 1903
Clark's Makes Em Bite Lure
Makes Em Bite
Made by Clark's Bait Company, Indiana. Circa 1926.

Clinton Wilt Little Wonder Lure
Little Wonder Lure
Made by Clinton Wilt Mfg. Co., Springfield Missouri. circa 1913.

Eureka Finch Lure
Made by Eureka Bait Company, Coldwater, Michigan. Circa 1914.

Coldwater Hell Diver Lure
Hell Diver
Made by Coldwater bait Company, Coldwater, Michigan. Circa 1918

Comstock Flying Helgramite Lure
Flying Hellgrammite
Made by Harry Comstock, Fulton, New York. Circa 1883.

William Shakespeare Underwater Minnow #33 Paint Stick
Randal Decoy

Darby Spin Head Weedless Lure
Spin Head Weedless
Made by T. & M. Darby, Whiting, Indiana. Circa 1937.

Group of Ice Decoys
Made by various makers

Detroit Weedless Company lure The Wizard
The Wizard
Made by Detroit Weedless Co., Detroit Michigan. Circa 1936.

Detroit Glass Minnow Tube
Glass Minnow Tube
Made by Detroit Glass Minnow Tube Co., Detroit, Michigan. Circa 1914.

Outings Du Getum Lure
Du Getum
Made by Outing Manufacturing Company, Elkhart, Indiana. Circa 1925.
Jim Donaly Lure the Diver
Made by Jim Donaly Baits, Bloomfield, New Jersey. Circa 1928.