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Old Fishing Lures Made by Miscellaneous Makers

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      Antique Fishing Lure, Clark's Makes Em Bite  

Clark's Makes Em Bite

Made by Clark's Bait Company, Indiana. Circa 1926. This is a classic glass eyed antique fishing lure from La Porte, and has been found in less than a half dozen assorted colors, or combinations of the colors. It has double hook which widens when struck by its predator.  Although much is not known about this little lure, or the Clark brothers, it happens to be one of my favorite Miscellaneous lures.


        Antique Fishing Lure Clinton Wilt Little Wonder 

Clinton Wilt Little Wonder

Little Wonder, Made by Clinton Wilt Mfg. Co., Springfield Missouri. circa 1913. Clinton Wilt Patented this lure on Here is another Barber Pole painted type antique fishing lure. The Little Wonder is approximately 3 1/4" has no eyes, and comes in a half dozen color varieties. The Clinton little wonder has a bigger brother not show, which is called the Champion, which can be identified from the little wonder by its use of two double hooks attached to a headgear of sorts behind the front propeller.

Patent Drawing for Antique Fishing Lure Clinton Wilt's Little Wonder  Patent Specs for Antique Fishing Lure Clinton Wilt's Little Wonder  Patent Specs for Antique Fishing Lure Clinton Wilt's Little Wonder


     Antique Fishing Lure Eureka Finch   Antique Fishing Lure Coldwater Hell Diver

The Coldwater Finch

The Coldwater Finch and the Helldiver respectively, Made by Eureka Bait Company, Coldwater, Michigan. Circa 1914. We find ourselves again with a antique fishing lure company which merits a bit more than just a description. A stones throw away from another old fishing tackle giant the Shakespeare Fishing Tackle Company of Kalamazoo, we find the Eureka Bait company.

The Eureka or Coldwater fishing lures, Phinney Bait Co., whichever you prefer, born of W. E. Phinney and Samuel Larrabee bring us a few interesting lure modifications that would later be taken on by larger makers. In 1914 a patent was granted to Mr. Larrabee (the Eureka Wiggler not shown except for in the patent below) for what I would consider to be another ingenious lure modification which I am surprised hadn't been perused before. The use of water being driven and diverted through the lure to increase, and or to direct the motion of the antique fishing lure itself. It's said, in life its the small things that make a difference and here I think this is one of them. Most would look to it just as a way to make a lure move, and others see propulsion through the use of simple physics to catch a fish..... Who says that these are just pieces of wood. 

In the Helldiver above, and in the patent material below you will note another patent or idea for a fishing lure modification , although I do not believe in truth is should be though to have just come from the aforementioned old fishing lure company. The use of the line tie, or the holes in it, to again create or direct the motion of the lure.  I believe this to actually have been a Franklin Alger (Seen on the fist page on Old Fishing Lures made by Miscellaneous Makers) idea and or lure modification that he never patented, but I cant prove that.

These three bait companies produced lures which look acted and seem the same, however there are difference which can be discerned. There are enough baits born of these three companies to put together a wonderful collection of antique fishing lures, just with their various models and colors.


   Patent Drawing for Antique Fishing Lure, Eureka Helldiver  PatentSpecs for Antique Fishing Lure, Eureka Helldiver  Patent Specs for Antique Fishing Lure, Eureka Helldiver  

Patent Drawing for Antique Fishing Lure, Eureka Wiggler  Patent Drawing for Antique Fishing Lure, Eureka Wiggler  Patent Drawing for Antique Fishing Lure, Eureka Wiggler  Patent Drawing for Antique Fishing Lure, Eureka Wiggler