Miscellaneous Old Fishing Lure Gallery 2

In this old fishing lure gallery you will see examples made by a wide array of old fishing lure makers. I will try to notate extra information for each of the old fishing lures shown, such as the dates the lures were made, the companies who made the now antique lures.

Antique Lures by manufacturers such as Donaly, Eger, Hansen, Haskell, Keeling, and Clark.

Donaly Lure the Red Fin Minnow
Donaly Red Fin Minnow
Made by Jim Donaly Bait Company, Bloomfield, New Jersey. Circa 1911. Color Code is No. 27

Florida Special by Eger Bait Company
Eger Florida Special
Made by Eger Bait Company, Bartow, Florida.

The Expert Lure by J. L. Clark
Clark The Expert
Made by J. L. Clark Manufacturing Co., Rockford, Illinois. Circa 1905. Shown in Correct Box.
The Captor Lure, made by The Fischer Schuberth Co.
Fischer The Captor
Made by The Fischer Schuberth Co., Chicago, Illinois. Circa 1914.

The Gaide Buck Tail Bait, made by C. J. W. Gaide
The Gaide BuckTail Bait 
Made by C. J. W. Gaide, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Circa 1898.

The Gee Wiz Frog made by All Star Bait Co.
Gee Wiz Frog
Made by The All Star Bait Co., Chicago, Illinois. Circa 1930.

The Halik Frog
The Halik Frog
Made by The Halik Company, Moose lake Minnesota. Circa 1940

The Harkauf Buck Tail Minnow
Harkauf Buck Tail Wooden Minnow
Made by H. C. Kaufman Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Circa 1904.

The Haskell Minnow
The Haskell Minnow
Made by Riley Haskell, Painesville, Indiana. Circa 1859
Hastings Weedless Frog
Hastings Rubber Frog
Made by James T. Hastings., Chicago, Illinois. Circa 1895.

Hookzem Weedless Wonder
The Hookzem Weedless Wonder
Made by Henry Gottscalk. Circa 1919.

Hosmer Mechanical Frog Lure
The Hosmer Mechanical Frog
Made by J. D. Hosmer Co., Dearborn, Michigan. Circa 1936.

Howes Vacuum Bait Lure
Howe's Vacuum Bait
Made by Professor F. G.  Howe, North Manchester, Indiana. Circa 1909

The Hungry Jack Lure
The Hungry Jack
Made by Lloyd & Company, Chicago, Illinois. Circa 1931

The Chippewa Lures made by Immell
The Chippewa
Made by Immell Bait Company, Blair, Wisconsin. Circa 1913.

The Jacobs Hoss Fly Lure
Jacobs Hoss Fly
Made by Edward Jacobs, Vicksburg, Michigan. Circa 1930.

The Keeling Round Body Expert Lure
Keeling Round Body Expert
Made by Fred Keeling., Rockford, Illinois. Circa 1914

Keller's Gets Em Lure
Keller Gets Em
Made by Keller, Rochester, Indiana. Circa 1916.

Ketchum Plug Lure
Ketchum Plug
Made by W. R. Ketchum, Portage Wisconsin. Circa 1905

The K & K Animated Minnow
K & K Animated Minnow
Made by K & K Manufacturing Company, Toledo, Ohio. Circa 1907.
The Klipon Lure
Klipon lure
Made by Green Wyle Company, Brooklyn, new York. Circa 1930.