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Old Fishing Lures Made by Miscellaneous Makers

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      Charmer Minnow Lure 

Charmer Minnow

 Made by The Charmer Minnow Co., Springfield Missouri. Circa 1910, Patent # 972,748, shown below. Commonly referred to as the Barber Pole Bait, the Charmer minnow is a classic old and antique fishing lure. The lure was created by F. W. Breder and J. H. Loyd. The Charmer Minnow has been found in 3 sizes, with or without eyes, and a assortment of colors.

Patent Diagram for ABC Minnow # 1,477,864    Patent Specs Page 1 for Bolton ABC Minnow Lure # 1,477,864     Patent Specs Page 2 for Bolton ABC Minnow Lure # 1,477,864   


   C. J. Frost Chippewa Skipper Lure 

Chippewa Skipper

  Marketed  by C. J. Frost, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Circa 1915. It is thought that this lure is actually a Immell lure, although it was never sold along side its thought to be brother. The Chippewa Skipper can be found in two different colors, green back and strawberry spot. C. J. Frost was supposed to be one of the first fishing tackle distributors or business in Wisconsin. C. J. was a noted female fly tier.


     F. C. woods The Expert Minnow   F. C. woods The Expert Minnow

The Expert Minnow

Made by F. C. Woods and Company, Alliance, Ohio. Circa 1903-10. One Shown with the correct wood box. As a antique fishing lure collector one would be completely remiss if we didn't stop an take a look at what some would refer to as the quintessential minnow. As described in Kimball's book in great length, Charles Shaffer and his Expert Minnow clearly began before the listed Circa date above in,  arguably is one of the first wooden minnow production lure manufacturers. The antique fishing lure the Woods expert is to to have taken its namesake due to a concern about his current job endeavors. Beyond the historic prelude we see that there is a striking resemblance between what is patented first by Shafer and what later is shown on the type two hooks and expert lure shown with them. In the early 1900's is was apropos and a seemed to be the latest and hottest trend to claim you minnow had removable hooks, of which I believe it the embodiment or result of the influence of Woods Expert Minnows. Most collectors will see the similarities through the complete evolution of the Expert from the Shaffer, to the Woods, to the Clarks and finally to the Keeling. From the difference in the markings, to the holes in the props and most notably for the Type 1 and Type two hooks, of which the patents are shown below the antique fishing lure, the Expert has gained in its notoriety and historic provenance within the antique fishing lure collecting community.

Shaffer Expert

 Patent Drawing for the Shaffer Expert Minnow  Patent Specs for the Shaffer Expert Minnow  Patent Specs for the Woods Expert Minnow Hooks  Patent Drawing for the Woods Expert Minnow Hooks


Type 2 Hooks

   Patent Drawing for the Woods Expert Minnow Type 2 Hooks  Patent Specs for the Woods Expert Minnow Type 2 Hooks  Patent Specs for the Woods Expert Minnow Type 2 Hooks