Moonlight and Paw Paw Antique Lure Gallery

In this Moonlight and Paw Paw Antique Fishing Lure gallery you will see examples of a few of the different models they made throughout the companies history.

 I will try to notate extra information for each of the old fishing lures shown, such as the dates the lures were made, the companies who made the now antique lures.



 Moonlight Antique Lure the Trout Eats Us
Moonlight Antique Lure Fly Eat Us
 Rainbow Finish, Circa 1922

Paw Paw Lures the Pike
Paw Paw Pikes
Rainbow trout Finish, Circa 1940

Paw Paw Antique Lure the Crayfish
Paw Paw Antique Lure the Crawfish
Circa 1940

 Moonlight Antique Lure the Torpedo
Moonlight Antique lure the Torpedo
Model 2900, Crackle Back Finish, Circa 1926

 Moonlight Antique Lure the Pollywog
Moonlight Antique Lure Polly Wog
Model 2900, Yellow Perch Finish, Circa 1926


 Moonlight Lure the Pikaroon
Moonlight and Silver Creek Pikaroon
Model 1000, Orange and Black Spot Finish & Rainbow, Circa 1921 & 1927

 Moonlight Antique Lures the Ladybug Wigglers
Moonlight Antique Lure the Ladybug Wiggler
Green Back & Yellow Perch Finish, Circa 1916

 Moonlight Antique Lure the Jointed Pikaroon
Moonlight Antique Lure Jointed Pikaroon
Model 2000, Yellow Spotted Finish, Circa 1926.


 Moonlight Lure the Dreadnought
Moonlight Lure the Dreadnought
Red and White Finish, Circa 1913

Moonlight Lure the 5 Hook Underwater Minnow
Moonlight Lure the 5 Hook Floating Minnow
Model 1200, Yellow Body Black Striped Finish, Circa 1926

Paw Paw Fly Rod Croaker
Paw Paw Fly Rod Size Croaker
Model 72, Trailing Treble, Circa Mid 1930's, The Fly rod Size is harder to come by then the larger sizes.

Paw Paw Weedless Wow
Paw Paw Weedless Wow
Model 700, Color Code Designation 08. Circa 1940's.

Moonlight 1900 Jointed Minnow
Moonlight #1900
Model 1900, Circa early 1920's, available in 7 different colors.

Moonlight Little Wonder
Moonlight Little Wonder
Model 2100, First Produced in 1925.

Paw Paw Wotta Frogs
Paw Paw Wottta Frogs
Model 72, and 73 respective to size. Circa 1950's.

Moonlight Art Work
Moonlight Artwork #1

Moonlight Art Work
Moonlight Artwork #2

Moonlight Artwork
Moonlight Artwork #3

Moonlight 3 Hook Minnow
Moonlight Underwater 3 Hook Minnow
Model 1100, 3 hook Underwater Minnow. Front and rear Props adorn this minnow.


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